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Place a pre-oreder specifiing the name of your company comapany and your needs. We will confirm your order, send you an estimate time of completion, price and our FTP server address.

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1. Place an order

Price 21 - 100
100 +
Insert number of images and press ADD to 2CO cart
simple objects $5 $-1 $-2
medium-complex objects $7 $-1 $-2
complex objects $14 $-2 $-4
very complex objects $20 $-2 $-4
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2. Upload your photos
to our FTP server (or, alternatively, send as an e-mail attachment - for data up to 20 MB) and send us an email order with your detail information, including:
- order number
- type of mask required
--- vector clipping path made by Adobe Photoshop pen tool (suitable for Adobe InDesign,Quark Xpewss, Corel, ...)
--- unsharp mask made by Adobe Photoshop masks and layers (suitable for Adobe InDesign,Quark Xpewss, Corel, ...)
--- web graphic - background deleted to white or transparent
--- etc.
- required output format (leave as sended, JPG, TIFF, GIF, EPS, etc.)
- required output color space (leave as sended, convert to RGB, CMYK, use ICC profile xy, etc.)

We will process the photos.

3. Download processed photos
When you receive an email notification, you can download your photos from our FTP server (or, alternatively, we will send you the photos in an email attachement in case of small files).

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