Not just clipping paths, but complete image processing servicess.

What all can we do for you?

Clipping paths

Hand made clipping paths only, done by Photoshop pen tool. No automated tools, such as a magic wand or similar are used, and all paths are precious.

Vectorizing logotypes, pictograms, etc.

If you have a bitmap (scanned, saved from the Internet, etc.) logotypes in GIF, JPG, BMP, TIF, ... formats, we can precisly manually outline it to the Adobe Illustrator .AI file.

Image retouching

Dust and scratches on scanned images, packshots of cracked packages, dates on fresh food packages, screen on ofset printed packages, etc. Send us your image retouching requirements.

Image color space conversion (RGB - CMYK, etc.)

Unsharp image masking by using masks in Adobe Photoshop

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